Saturday, August 10, 2013

Upon hearing "The Body is Not an Apology" by Sonya Renee

Upon hearing "The Body is Not an Apology" by Sonya Renee
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MY body is not an apology 
It did not ask to be abused
To be used
To be black and blued

My body is not an apology

It did nothing wrong
The sagging breasts which nursed two children
The wrinkled belly that twice created life 
The arthritic joints worn carrying my son's world
My daughter's world
Supporting them until they are ready to fly

My body is not a crime

Though victim to many
Touches inappropriate
Sneers and jeers unthought through
Glances, advances uncalled for
Hated for attention
Carved into for relief
Held me together 

My body is NOT an apology 

My body is Temple
Acceptance and love
Unconditional offerings bring
Anointed with sweet oils
Kneel before it
In reverence
In praise
In awe of its power
Its wonder 
Its grace
Its knowledge

My body is not an apology

Blessed be the pimples
The cramping 
The aches
Blessed are the freckles 
The scars
The wrinkles
Blessings to the world
Receive them

My body is Sacred. 
Hallowed be its name.