Friday, March 28, 2008

Off her Rocker

I'm exceptionally susceptible to weight loss articles these days and was intrigued when one of the Yahoo headlines was "Keep It Simple, Keep It Off." So I clicked the link and read the blog post by Debbie Rocker, a fitness expert (supposedly.) In this post, Debbie instructs the reader to "take emotion, psychology, and personal history out of the equation, and let’s look at the simple rules of weight loss."

The next four bullet points are 1) weight loss is like a bank account - spend more = weigh less, 2) exercise more to achieve point 1, 3) eat less to achieve point 1, and 4) eat less and exercise more to achieve point 1 faster.

Looking at "just the facts" looks a whole lot like my eating disorder behaviors. ED loves this formula! Absolutely loves it. Eat less and exercise more and you will be thin. "Every day you need to eat less than the previous day. Every day you need to exercise more," ED tells me.

The problem is that while one may be able to take emotion and psychology out of the equation, one CANNOT take out our genetic make-up - which is in fact a part of our personal history. Our genes carry the blueprint for our metabolism, our skeletal structure, our muscular potential. No matter what we do, we can't escape our genes.

This formula of "facts" is dangerous. Not taking metabolism into account will mislead people into thinking that if I eat nothing and exercise, I will always lose weight. And that is just not the case. Eating too little will eventually cause a metabolic slowdown and will store every calorie that is ingested to survive through the famine.

Our bodies are intricate machines which we are only beginning to understand. However, I wish Debbie would have brushed up her knowledge of human physiology to include all the facts.