Monday, October 15, 2007

Upon graduating

I'm extremely anxious and nervous.

I graduate from Level 6 in my pole dancing class on Thursday. (Friday is the recital where we can invite family and friends. I invited my hubby, obviously. lol)

It's hard to believe - I started out at the end of January in Level 1, learning the Fireman (and variations like the Martini and Ballerina) and the Showgirl. I was hooked. My teacher was amazing - always saying how beautiful we all were, how sexy.

I moved on to Level 2 - I learned the Half-Pint and Chair. I went through my first thonging ceremony (at the end of each even level we earn a thong. At the end of level two, I was a nude thong.)

Level 3 got a little more challenging - with spins called the Black Widow, Corkscrew and Peter Pan. Level 4, we went inverted - upside down, kids. Up that's right. At the end, I earned my red thong. (and a pretty one it was! lol)

In level 5, the inverts got more complex. Let go? Let go with my hands and hold on by my what? No way - my inner thighs aren't that strong. Nuh-uh.

And now, here I am, almost at my graduation from the final level. After Thursday, I'll be a Pole Master; a black thong. I've selected music ("Have you ever really loved a woman" by Bryan Adams,) choreographed my own routine with my favorite moves (like the open-legged corkscrew) and one that I created (a Peter Pan to a Flying Body Spiral.) I've nailed (most of) my handstands to the pole; I've gotten comfortable enough with my invert to let go a little; I've even tried a new move (the Superman pose) that I'm going to try to throw in my routine.

And yet, before I wrote all this down, I felt like a clutz and the dumpiest, fattest woman in the class (if not the world.)

Now, after writing all this down, I still feel dumpy and fat, but damn if I don't sit in wonder at all that I've accomplished.

The women in my class nicknamed me "Scary bitch" - because I'm the first one to take off a layer of clothes (of course, I also am the one that usually has the most layers on...) and I'm also the first one to try any spin (just not the inverts. I get woozy when my head is closer to the ground than my butt, you know?)

I'm not exactly sure what i meant to get out of this post. Sometimes, it feels good to ramble, I guess.

I'll ask my hubby to snap some photos of me at my recital on Friday. I'll post some on my other blog (the new private one - just send me an email to
diggingmeup at gmail dot com
and I'll send you an invite.)

well, off to check on the culdy...

I'll leave you with my level 6 song.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A second blog

I have created a second blog - a private one where I can freely "talk" about those things that happen that I'm not entirely comfortable sharing with (potentially) the world. (Or that family/friends are uncomfortable sharing with the world.)

If you would like to read "Digging me up in the dark," please send an email to:

diggingmeup at gmail dot com

Never fear, I will still continue to post here. 8-)

Thank you all for supporting me!