Monday, November 19, 2007

"Now you can see who you can be" - oh really?

Has anyone else seen the commercial (aimed at pre-teens, tweens and early teens) for DigiMakeover? Their slogan is "Now you can see who you can be."

The idea is that a girl takes a picture with the DigiMakeover camera and then uploads it to the TV/computer where they can digitally retouch the photo. In the commercial it shows the girls changing the hairstyle, the hair color, etc.

But will it stop there? Will there be a button to eliminate zits? Will they add on a feature to show a girl what a rhinoplasty would look like on her face? Or botox or whatever else plastic surgeons get paid to do these days???

Whatever happened to playing "beauty parlor" when little girls do each others' hair in different ways, just for fun???

Why does one need to "see" who she can be? To me, that shouts that a girl's worth is based on her looks.

Am I the only one who takes issue with that?


Carla said...

what a horrible thing to have! i saw it advertised and i thought "wtf???" it's nice to see someone put it in nicer words that i had.

lauren said...

Not at all I completely agree, scary that there are people out there who will actually make money off of this! SICK!
xo Lauren

Jeanne said...

Thanks, carla and lauren!