Saturday, November 3, 2007

Appointment went well; worrying about trolls, redefining this space

My appointment with John went well. I found the place just fine (even though i couldn't find the directions and map I printed out.)

Note to self: when one way streets are involved, always be sure to print out directions to get home.

I drove around the city for a few minutes, trying to figure out how to get on the major route that would get me home. Eventually, I found the visitor's center and asked and made it home safe and sound.

My appointment, as I said, went well. We recapped the past few months and he reassured me that I'm doing well.

And that's what I needed to get out of the appointment, for the most part.

Oh, and John apologized for being hard to find. He had left on the original phone number I had for one month after he moved to the new place - which meant it got turned off this week. I told him not to worry - I'm a librarian! 8-)

So now, I have lots of details to my appointment which I plan on posting in my private blog. Because I'm worried about being attacked like others on the culdy have been recently.

So far, no one has bothered me. Of which I'm grateful, believe me. But I also need to be comfortable. And I'm just not comfortable having my very personal encounters on full view to mean-spirited anonymous trolls who may be reading this post right now, silent for now, but lurking in the shadows waiting for that moment when my guard comes down to strike.

What I'm getting at is this:
Digging Me Up will now be reserved for my public displays of defiance. For when I need to use my voice against the injustices of this eating-disordered world. For when I need to shout my accomplishments to the rooftops.

My private blog will dig into the nitty gritty of me and my issues. If you aren't already invited and you are interested in reading the week-to-week (I just can't do daily posts consistently,) send me an email (diggingmeup at gmail dot com) or post your email in the comments here.

Thank you all so much for your support!!!


Sarah said...

I'm really glad that you got there and back safely and that your appointment went well!

And I support you in whatever you do, babe.


Jeanne said...

Thanks, sarah!

cindy said...

People's blogs have been attacked lately? =/ I actually can't say that I haven't been attacked by uninformed people misreading something I wrote, but I attack right back. =) Also, if you were attacked, Jeanne, your readers would bludgeon the attacker. We're very protective of you, you know...I'm sure you feel that already.

Christmas is coming up... start hinting about a navigation system. I'm notorious for getting lost and life has been SO MUCH LESS STRESSFUL with one of those gadgets in the car.

disordered girl said...

Howdy Jeanne,
Thinking of you too. I'd love to be a part of your support if so honored:

bloggirldg at gmail

Hope you are well today,

Jeanne said...

Hi cindy,

yeah, a few of my friends around the cul-de-sac were attacked by an anonymous poster. Really mean things, too.

And we all did bludgeon the attackers fairly well - we all rallied round in an amazing display of solidarity. But still - I feel better sharing my personal life on a private blog (which I'm happy to open up to anyone - just send me an email.)

Navigation systems are cool. But I already got my Christmas/Valentine's/Easter/Mom's Day/Anniversary/Birthday gift from my hubby - I got my pole! 8-)

dg -
I'm honored and thrilled that you'd like to join my private blog! I sent you an invite earlier today - let me know if you didn't get it.