Monday, October 15, 2007

Upon graduating

I'm extremely anxious and nervous.

I graduate from Level 6 in my pole dancing class on Thursday. (Friday is the recital where we can invite family and friends. I invited my hubby, obviously. lol)

It's hard to believe - I started out at the end of January in Level 1, learning the Fireman (and variations like the Martini and Ballerina) and the Showgirl. I was hooked. My teacher was amazing - always saying how beautiful we all were, how sexy.

I moved on to Level 2 - I learned the Half-Pint and Chair. I went through my first thonging ceremony (at the end of each even level we earn a thong. At the end of level two, I was a nude thong.)

Level 3 got a little more challenging - with spins called the Black Widow, Corkscrew and Peter Pan. Level 4, we went inverted - upside down, kids. Up that's right. At the end, I earned my red thong. (and a pretty one it was! lol)

In level 5, the inverts got more complex. Let go? Let go with my hands and hold on by my what? No way - my inner thighs aren't that strong. Nuh-uh.

And now, here I am, almost at my graduation from the final level. After Thursday, I'll be a Pole Master; a black thong. I've selected music ("Have you ever really loved a woman" by Bryan Adams,) choreographed my own routine with my favorite moves (like the open-legged corkscrew) and one that I created (a Peter Pan to a Flying Body Spiral.) I've nailed (most of) my handstands to the pole; I've gotten comfortable enough with my invert to let go a little; I've even tried a new move (the Superman pose) that I'm going to try to throw in my routine.

And yet, before I wrote all this down, I felt like a clutz and the dumpiest, fattest woman in the class (if not the world.)

Now, after writing all this down, I still feel dumpy and fat, but damn if I don't sit in wonder at all that I've accomplished.

The women in my class nicknamed me "Scary bitch" - because I'm the first one to take off a layer of clothes (of course, I also am the one that usually has the most layers on...) and I'm also the first one to try any spin (just not the inverts. I get woozy when my head is closer to the ground than my butt, you know?)

I'm not exactly sure what i meant to get out of this post. Sometimes, it feels good to ramble, I guess.

I'll ask my hubby to snap some photos of me at my recital on Friday. I'll post some on my other blog (the new private one - just send me an email to
diggingmeup at gmail dot com
and I'll send you an invite.)

well, off to check on the culdy...

I'll leave you with my level 6 song.


Faith said...

Awwwwwwesome! I am so freakin' impressed and I really wanna see photos. Totally understand if you choose not to but I think you're fantastically brave!


-Jen- said...

Different colored thongs for each level? SWEET! Kinda like karate, but no belts and waaay less clothes.

You're going to rock Level 6!

Eve said...

Oh Jeanne (or should I cal you Pole Master?)! I wish I could come to the recital too! I'm glad you feel proud of what you have accomplished, because you should!

Sarah said...

you are so cool!


disordered girl said...

Woot! What a cool accomplishment. I have to confess I'm a bit jealous of your skills!

Jeanne said...

Thanks, Faith, Jen, Eve, Sarah, and Disordered girl!

I'll definitely have my hubby take a few pictures. 8-)

Not for each level - just the even numbered ones. Level six is the last one (and will be my third thong.) And yeah, the color thing is similar to karate - with a lot less clothes! 8-)

I wish all of you could come to my recital on Friday!!

Some days I feel cooler than others. ;-)

Disordered girl,
i don't know how skillful I am, but I have come SO far since I started in January.

em said...

You are an inspiration! Honestly, I'm thinking of taking up pole dancing because of you!!! (I think my hubby might like it too!)

lauren said...

This is so freaking awesome Jeanne!!
I'm so proud of you and so want to do it now!!!! Send me a invite I want to check it out!!!!!
Good luck and love to you!

Sarah said...

hiya, Pole Master!

I hope you enjoy your recital! I'm quite sure that your husband will . . .


Charlynn said...

Congrats on your graduation. That's a huge accomplishment! Should we call you "master" from now on? ;)

Carla said...

Come back and tell us how wonderful you were at the recital!!!

Jeanne said...

Thank you, em, lauren, sarah, charlynn, and carla!!!

I will definitely let you all know the details soon.

And you may refer to me as "diva" if you'd like!! 8-)