Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pays to be a librarian

John is a hard man to find.

I tried calling the number that I had for his private voicemail (one that he assured me would always work no matter where he went.)

"This number is no longer in service."

I knew that he had joined a practice (he had previously been freelancing.) I knew where. I just, for the life of me, couldn't think of the name of the practice.

Google failed me - because John doesn't list his phone number.

So I turned to my insurance, hoping to find a clue to the practice that he joined. I never imagined that my insurance's doctor finder would have updated information.

But it did.

So I called John's new office.
The practice he's with now is large - has many therapists. And has an on-call therapist as well.

I made an appointment for Saturday. He has Saturday hours now! Unfortunately, his new office is at least a half hour drive away from where I live. Ugh.
But on the other hand, maybe that will be good - give me some drive-time to decompress before returning home.

I'm a little nervous about my appointment - I mean in some ways it seems anti-climatic and totally after the fact to talk about telling my mom.
But I also know that I slammed the entire event (feelings included) into a box and if I don't take them out in a safe place, they will haunt me. Like ghosts on Halloween...


Sarah said...

oh, I am glad you are going to see John again. I think it's so important to keep good connections going.

happy halloween!


Faith said...

Wow - John is a hard man to find!!! I'm so happy you found him though.


Jeanne said...

Yeah, I was a little disconcerted about how I had to search for John. At my last session with him, he told me that he'd call me with his new office details - but he never did.

There is a part of me that worries that maybe he didn't want me to find him... But then, that's just the insecure little girl inside of me talking. The grown-up Jeanne realizes that he was probably so busy that he just forgot (especially since I don't see him very often or with any regularity.)

It was that grown-up Jeanne who kept searching, then dialed the phone and made the appointment. Yay for grown-up, Jeanne!

Happy Halloween, sarah and faith!

Eve said...

Yay for grown-up Jeanne indeed! She's a wonderful woman (who, it seems, would make an excellent PI!). Happy Halloween!

Carla said...

I'm really glad you found him, sweets.

Jeanne said...

Thanks eve and carla!!