Sunday, August 5, 2007

Tagged again

I've been tagged by Carla...

1. Who’s your favorite of the Looney Tunes characters?
Wyle Coyote, super genius.

No matter what that poor guy does, that damn Road Runner is also screwing with him - always just out of reach...
Elusive, just like full recovery...
But Wyle doesn't give up - he always has new tricks to try, new traps to use, new Acme products to utilize. He doesn't give up.

2. What have you done too much of lately?
Hmmmm.... I haven't done too much of anything lately - I'm constantly bouncing from one thing to another, never giving enough time to any one thing because there is a list of things that need attention.

3. When did you last play cards?
July 15 - at my brother's house, with my nieces and grandma. We played Uno, Go Fish and some other game. Loved every minute of it!

4. Where were your keys the last time you couldn’t find them?
In my husband's pockets... lol

5. Why didn’t you do today everything you were supposed to?
Why are you accusing me of being lazy????
Seriously, I finished everything that I could. I am only one person and I have to take care of me, first and foremost - and that includes not stressing over the perpetually growing and never possible to be completed "To Do" list.


Carla said...

I'm just now learning that supposed to, need to and want to are three totally different things.

Uno? I forgot about uno. I can't even remember the rules!

ms. em said...


amen to your answer to #5!


i'm thinking of you and hoping you are having a better day today!

ms. em

Jeanne said...

hey Carla,

Yeah, supposed to, need to and want to are three separate things which rarely coincide with each other. Sucks.

Personally, I do the need to things (which generally means taking care of my son first, myself and husband second.) It's generally all I have time for.

The supposed tos used to haunt me. The shouldas, I call them. The guilt is immense, although I've learned to let much of it go.

Want tos??? Those are the luxuries that I get once in a blue moon, and then only for a few minutes.

Yup, Uno... lol It's one of my family's favs.

hi ms. em!

Thanks for thinking of me. Today was an okay day - no "me" time to speak of (it was my hubby's b-day today, so I tried to give him space for his want tos...)

Maybe that's why I ended up eating way too many sweets today (I thought that was what my body was telling me; apparently I was wrong)... And now feel like crap with a headach and horrible stomachache... Ugh. [sigh]

Here's hoping that tomorrow is a better day...