Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Independence Day

My Declaration of Independence

When a relationship becomes destructive to one of the members, the injured party has the right to dissolve all ties to the aggressor. It is her right as a human being to state the reasons which cause her to separate herself from the tyrant.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all humans have the right to live freely and happily. When someone obstructs a fellow human from achieving these ends, it is just and necessary to eliminate the despot.

ED has spent decades coming between Anne and true happiness to the extent that Anne's very life is in jeopardy.

The evidence is as follows:
 ED has thwarted every attempt by Anne to find true happiness.
 ED has repeatedly and inexhaustibly denied Anne one of the basic necessities of life – food.
 ED has stolen all emotions from Anne.
 ED has altered Anne's perception of reality so that Anne no longer is able to believe what is true.
 ED has ripped away Anne's ability to trust.

In short, ED has imprisoned Anne for over twenty years without trial and due process.

Often, Anne has attempted to confront ED and list her grievances. Her petitions were never addressed and worse, Anne received additional punishment for her courage. For these transgressions, Anne must view ED as the enemy.

Anne, therefore, solemnly declares her independence from ED. She is free and is absolved from all allegiances to ED. All connections to ED must be severed.

Anne is a free and independent woman – free to eat, free to live in peace, free to do and act as other independent beings do.

And for supporting this Declaration, Anne pledges her life, her fortune and her sacred honor to her family and friends who sign this petition.


I wrote this statement in 2005.

I offer it to you on this 231st Day of Independence (in America) with a challenge to those suffering and struggling.

How will you (or how do you) declare your independence from ED?
What wrongs has the ED tyrant in your life committed against you?
What do you want out of life?
And how will you make that happen?

Because the choice is yours and yours alone.
Choose independence.
Choose to live.


Sarah said...

Let freedom ring!

Thank you for your help and support and your incredible example, Jeanne.


Jeanne said...

Thanks, Sarah!