Friday, June 29, 2007

Yet another doctor devised "diet"

Melissa Hershberg, a former Miss Fitness Manitoba is now a doctor (less than one year out of med school) who has a diet book on the market. [Read the article.]

So, why am I blogging about it?

Because it erks me. Really erks me.

The more MDs promote "diets," the more credence is lent to the whole "diet industry," thus confusing society more while increasing focus on the numbers.

Does anyone else find issue with this???

When will society learn that it's not about the numbers!

Life is not about the number on the scale, or on the tag in your pants/dress/shirt, or even in your bank account. Life is about the "little things" that add up to so much more. It's the smile you give as you pass by a stranger. It's the hug you give and receive from loved ones. It's the tender kiss on the top of a head. It's the quiet morning. It's the sleepy evenings.

It's all these things and more.

So does anyone have any ideas on how can we get the world to focus on life instead of numbers???

My idea (which I'm working feverishly on) is to challenge everyone who talks to me about numbers. So if someone says to me, "I want to make more money/to lose weight/to drop a dress size." I ask them why. If the answer isn't to become healthy (either physically or financially,) then I talk about my philosophy. "It's not about the numbers."

Oh, and I blog. ;-)

It's a real crawl - this way of changing the world a person or two at a time.

I'm open to suggestions.


Sarah said...

I can think of one person you're already changing. . . you! ;-)

Great post as usual.

Jeanne said...

You're right, Sarah! I forgot about my efforts to change myself (of course, I call it recovery. ;-)

Maybe our whole society needs to recover from disordered eating?

Sarah said...

Amen to that. Have you read Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters? It's very interesting and along those lines.

Jeanne said...

I haven't read that book - I'll add it to my reading list! Thanks, Sarah!!!