Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Find Your Slim????

Okay, I know I'm posting a lot today. I'm having a little down time a work (for a change...)

Okay, I just found this post in iVillage - "Slim Fast's Find Your Slim Contest" and I just have to speak out.

The premise is that a woman goes online, uploads a photo of herself, selects a "realistic" goal weight, and then in a few months, reports back.

However, the first paragraph of the post states:
"Stop thinking you have to squeeze into a size have the right to define your own realistic goal weight and get the help you need to achieve that goal."

Am I the only one who sees the paradox?

If you have the right to set a realistic goal weight, isn't it conceivable that that weight is where you are right now?

I'm so fed up (okay, bad pun) with those in the diet and fashion industries who use adolescent schemes to make people (not just women) think they are ugly and fat and need to lose weight or tone up or conform to some unreachable, unhealthy ideal of beauty!!

Beauty is what's inside!!!

And while I try to nourish my body with the nutrients it needs (vitamins, minerals, protein, fatty acids, complex carbs, etc.,) I also respect that my body knows better than my brain what it needs.

I read a post in the Science and Speculation blog entitled, "Intuitive Eating" the other day. The blog lifted an article by Brock Vergakis of the Associated Press. This article described how Steven Hawks, a health science prof at BYU, scrapped dieting and taught himself how to listen to his body - eat intuitively. He eats when he's hungry, for what he is hungry, and then stops when he's full. Simplicity at its best.

So, I'd like to send a message to all those who find themselves on "diets."
Stop. Look. Listen.

Stop dieting - losing weight does not happiness guarantee.
Look around you - what in this life really makes you happy. Is it really the number of the scale or on the tag of your pants?
Listen to your body, to your true self, to that inner child who is begging to be let free - only then will you find happiness. Your body knows what it needs to survive - listen to it.

And each time you find yourself thinking about your weight, thinking about what you should or shouldn't be eating, Stop. Look. Listen.

Oh, and if you should forget sometimes, give yourself a hug and try again. Because it's never too late to do the next right thing.


ms. em said...

amen sista!
two words that i find day a lot:

1) The word die is contained in the word diet.

2) The word numb is contained in the word number.

have you seen the psa campaign 'don't die for a diet?' thought you might find it interesting.

with hope,
ms. em

Jeanne said...

Scary, isn't it? (How numb and die are in those words... Coincidence? I think not.)

I'll have to look up that psa campaign - I haven't seen it.

Thanks, Ms. Em!