Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Anorexia: The Little Things

I just watched a very inspiring video on YouTube by Kat (eniwekwe) where she spoke about how one doesn't need a major motivator to want to recover; Life is enough. And what is life if it isn't the little things - the feel of the warm summer sun on your skin; the whisper of a sigh; the chill of a tall glass of iced tea...

I couldn't agree more. Life is all about the moments.

Unfortunately, when someone is in the throes of an eating disorder, these moments are rarely appreciated. For me, I had the supreme motivator of all - my pre-school son. The knowledge that he needed me (and would always need me) kept me driven towards recovery - no matter the cost. It has been only in the last year or so of my three year journey that I've been able to appreciate the little things, and want to live to experience more of them. It's been in this last year that I've learned to live in the moment, for the beauty that each moment gives.
Learn from the past, dream for the future, but live in the now.

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