Friday, May 25, 2007

Goddesses, we are

"We put aside our issues for the beauty of it because we see each other as goddesses and beautiful women." From "In the Buff: Naked Yoga" by Rachel Telehany (last updated May 25, 2007) -

I read the article from which this quote came and was in awe of these women yoga nude.

I've been pole dancing for over 4 months now and while I still blush profusely when I talk about it, I absolutely love it. No therapist in the world could help me feel as confident, empowered, as sexy as I do after an hour class. I crave those feelings and truly notice a difference in my outlook when I am unable to attend class.

I believe that everyone needs to find a way to get in touch with or recharge her (or his) innate sexualness. For all humans are inherently sexual beings. And that should be okay.

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