Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Note about the previous posts

The posts I just posted all were written, at a minimum, one year ago. Some were written two or even three years ago. Life is different for me these days, in a lot of ways (which I'll post about soon.)

The one thing that is still the same though is that I fight with my eating disorder almost every single day. Some days, it's every minute for hours on end. Other days, it's a fleeting scuffle. Luckily, I win most days.


Lindsey said...

Hey, blog away! The more you combat ED, the better it will be (duh). I myself don't post about it, but have struggled intensively with ED for some SOME SOME! time now and wish eternally I could be more vocal about it (i.e., post about it, even)... nonetheless, to read others' posts gives me courage to start my own blog about it. Thank you, and adding you to my bloglines!

Jeanne said...

Thanks for stopping by!

I've found that many of my responses and posts on message boards like something-fishy and pandy's have inspired others in their recovery. It's an empowering experience and led me to try to reach more people, through this blog. For me, it's given this fight meaning.

Keep on fighting ED! We are all worth it. We ALL deserver health.


Lindsey said...

It is in part thanks to yourself that I felt courageous enough to start my own blog. It's embarrassing, and I'm scared; of course, I've never done this before (started a few times, but always deleted them), but I realize I'm simply scared of what people will think... and then more deeply, embarrassed by that which I really AM THINKING.

Anyhow, not sure why I'm posting this even, except perhaps to somehow find mutual support...

There's the undying fear that all my relatives will find my blog, unearth the real me and wreak havoc on any progress I might make in the interim. That is awfully frightening. But something in me tells me I CAN DO THIS TOO. So here goes!

Jeanne said...

Starting a blog and making it available to anyone (and everyone) is indeed FRIGHTENING!

I completely understand your fear about family finding it and discovering your deepest thoughts. I felt that way as well, however some things are worth the risk.

Best of luck on your recovery!